Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Apparently Bahrain is near California…

Each week I get an e-mail from the dating site letting me know about new users in my area; I usually ignore them as I am on the site so often that I generally know about newbies. This week, however, I decided to check it out. Imagine my surprise when the first of the five people listed is someone from Bahrain. Yes, the small island nation in the Persian Gulf. Strange…

In other news, I've messaged a few guys and have heard back from a couple. Unfortunately, I've been too busy to actually e-mail them back. I plan to soon though, as I have the whole summer off from work and would like to try the dating thing when I have the time.

More soon… promise.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

What's with the messages all of a sudden?

So first it was Florida, then it was a bunch of other random guys—mostly from here, but a few farther flung. Then there's the guy who's from Denmark but of Turkish ancestry who's now living in my hometown. Regardless of location, however, they all seem keen on getting to know me. Which is great except for one thing:

I have no time right now. I am so busy with work, concerts (singing in them), standardized tests, and oodles of other things, that I can barely remember to contact my parents, let alone a new guy who sounds vaguely appealing. And that's just it. None of these guys has been someone I had previously found attractive on the site. Perhaps that's a good thing. Fresh blood, that sort of thing. The fact of the matter is, however, that none of them has sounded good enough for me to want to compose something witty and interesting in response. Perhaps at the end of next week, when things have settled down a little bit, I'll be more inclined to get to know one or more of these guys. Until then, they—and you, dear readers—should not expect much from me.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Greetings from Florida

I've been super busy lately and have had little time to even check in on the dating site, let alone message anyone or check out new profiles. However, I have received a number of messages, profile-views, and "woos", which are the cop-out way of telling someone you like them. It's like poking on facebook. Pointless except for the fact that it lets a person know you've shown some interest. If you're going to bother, go ahead and a send a real message, even if it's short. At least there's something to go off of.

Of the messages sent my way, a few have been real losers, a couple have piqued my interest, but most just sound sort of blah. Unfortunately, the one that sounds most intriguing and compatible is in Florida. Apparently he was recently in my area and decided to check out girls here to see if there were any good ones. He seems to think I fit in this category as he's sent me one message and 4 IMs in the last week. Normally, I stop considering a guy if he's more than 15 miles away. Why should I even think about someone who is 2496 miles away? I suppose we could talk online, do the long-distance pen-pal thing, but that really hasn't worked too well for me so far (I've not heard from either Zeke or Dan in more than a month, and they were only 60 miles away), and I'm not really sure I want to invest the time and energy in it. One thing is for certain though: I will write him back, at least so I can acknowledge him and show that I'm not a complete jerk for ignoring him (I have been really busy).

Have you ever started a relationship this way (i.e. communicating electronically over vast distances)?

Edit: In the five minutes since I wrote the above, Florida IMed me again. I guess I have to give him points for his persistence.