Saturday, October 31, 2009

New look for Second Round

Now that I've been through my first relationship that got its start online, I'm feeling less frantic and/or desperate about making the whole thing work. I hope that the new colors make the blog more readable (sorry for making you read green text on black for so long) and also lend a more relaxed attitude.

That said, you'd think I would have learned the lesson of leaving myself logged in on the dating site late at night. Apparently I haven't. I received these charming instant messages last night:

AboveEnvy: you+me=bow chicka bow wow ;)

and then:

Juangalt: We should rub our privates together tonight

Really? You guys think you're going to get me to respond by starting off like that?  Sorry, I don't write back to such entreaties—I also block people like that, as I've done for both of you.

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Superquail said...

I think there are a number of different strategies people use when navigating on-line dating. One of them is to seem funny or shocking or provocative just to get your attention. These two succeeded in that much, but didn't get any further.