Sunday, August 31, 2008

You've got to be kidding me

I just got this message on the dating site: " seem cute and sexy...lets make some plan to hangout some day n get to know each other better...reply me back if interested...till then take care..."

Uh-huh, sure. Of course I'll go out with you…

Monday, August 18, 2008


As I mentioned, Dan's back. For those of you who don't remember, he's the one I was e-mailing with back in March and April but who lives about 60 miles south of me. Shortly after we started chatting, he told me that he'd just started dating a girl (as in that weekend), but hoped we could still be friends. We'd been having good conversations and he lived so far away that I figured the most we'd ever be is friends and didn't see any reason to stop talking to him. What I never wrote here is that he and the girl broke up after about a month. About a week after he told me this, I stopped hearing from him. It was weird, but I was so busy with work and everything else in my life, that I didn't worry about it.

Then, last week he messaged me to apologize for being out of touch and we've been messaging a ton ever since (though not with the extreme frequency with which I was messaging and IM-ing Ian back in February). We finally talked last night—for an hour—and I'm going to meet him this weekend. I'm excited about this.

Coming soon: another bad username post. I've accumulated a number of good ones, including 'halfgoat,' 'MrMooEar,' and 'iamkoolaid.'

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dating non-natives to the area

So Superquail asked me why, "you only want to date people from the area, but you don't want to date people who grew up in the area," in response to my posts about Carl. The answer is fairly simple, really. I live in a big city but I have dozens of "It's a Small World" moments every year, times when I meet someone who knows my best friend from high school or lived down the street from me growing up. It's not that I'm afraid or ashamed of my past, I just find that it's nice to meet people with whom I have absolutely no connections. The chances of that happening with a local are slim, so I like to date people who aren't from the area. I guess I also like playing tour guide—being a proud native, and all—but that's a much smaller reason.

In other news, Dan's back. He sent me an e-mail the other day, after being out of communication since April. He wrote a very sincere apology for not writing and after a few e-mails we're talking about trying to meet up sometime soon. I assume it would just be as friends, but that's totally fine with me (I think).

Monday, August 11, 2008

I did something totally out of character

It is a well-established fact that when it comes to meeting and interacting with new guys, I'm pretty hopeless (hence joining the dating site). I have never slipped my number to a guy before and it's not something I ever plan on doing.

Except that I did. On Friday I was eating dinner by myself at this tasty fish restaurant and I was reading an old issue of National Geographic. The waiter happened to comment on this, asking if it was a good issue because he just got a subscription to it and hadn't read the current issue yet. I told him it was an old one, but he still seemed interested. Now, he was probably just interested in the magazine and making small talk, but something made me decide to leave it behind, for him, with a note written on the cover indicating a good article and, should he want any more back issues, my phone number.

I haven't heard from him—he's too cute to be single, anyway—but it would have been kind of cool if I had.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

What is it with guys who like rodents?

First there was Groundhog Guy. Now there's Squirrel Boy. As you may have guessed, given my lack of posts since last weekend, the date was, well, fine. There was nothing really wrong with Carl except for the complete lack of chemistry between us. Had there been chemistry I could have overlooked the fact that we spent most of the five hours together engaged in sarcastic banter. Or that we spent over an hour in the botanical garden (it's big, but not that big). Or that every time he saw a squirrel he had to stop and take a picture of it with his cell phone camera. Or the fact that though we are the same age, I felt like I was about five years older than him.

Needless to say, we won't be going out again. Oh well. I tried.