Thursday, November 11, 2010

Late Night IMs - When Will I Learn?

Silly, silly me. After getting home late last night, I logged in to the dating site to reply to a message (read more about that below). As I was doing so, I received IMs from a variety of guys. Surprise, surprise, none were worth responding to. Here are some of the choice messages I received:

Guy (whose profile picture is just of his abs):
   - Hello
   - How are you ding?
Me: closed the chat window

Guy #2 (whose username is a very non-sexy Disney Movie title):
   -Sadly you're not looking for casual sex. :(
Me: closed the chat window

Guy #3 (whose profile pic is him with a half naked male doll (or maybe it's an avatar?) posing next to him):
   -hi whats up, hows your night goin
Me: waited a moment to see if he'd correct the spelling of "going" but the realized he wouldn't (given he'd also forgotten an apostrophe and a question mark). Closed the chat window.

I sincerely doubt I would have responded to any of these anyway, but I was more interested in writing a message to Björn. Yes, Björn, not Bill, Bob, or Buster. You see, this gent is Icelandic, so I figured I should give him a genuine Icelandic name as his alias. Anyways, he messaged me over the weekend, right after I'd reactivated my account and I decided to write back. Now, seven or eight messages later, we're gearing up for a date tomorrow. I don't know that anything will come of it, but who knows?


Anna said...

Oh, keep me posted! Glad you haven't given up! :)

Jicca said...

I'm glad one out of all of those wasn't terrible.
I know how you feel about being online for seconds and getting messages. It drives me insane.
Anyway, best of luck! :)

Ily said...

Guy # 2 made me "LOL in RL", as they say...welcome back to the blogosphere. Wow, I've never met someone from Iceland. Hope you have a good date :-)