Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In a Relationship

As most of you know or have guessed by now, Björn and I are now in a relationship. I've changed my status on the dating site (and Facebook) after a brief discussion with him—that began with the release of Julian Assange's dating profile and lovesick e-mails, if you can believe it. (Björn is mildly obsessed with the whole Wikileaks thing, especially since it, like he, has close ties to Iceland.)

Sadly for me, he returned to Iceland on Sunday where he'll stay for two weeks. Happily for you, I'll be filling his absence by posting a bunch of online dating stories I've found in the media recently.

Today we'll start things off with a story about a Seattle woman who is trying to find love through Facebook, as written by my wonderful aunt. (Have you ever tried to meet someone through FB?)


Ily said...

Exciting! I hope things work out well for the two of you.

(Note to self: Don't sit in library while reading the comments about Julian Assange's OKCupid profile. Too bad, laughing out loud is healthy :-)

Anna said...

Looking forward to reading your aunt's article! Give me a call sometime soon. I want to hear more about this Bjorn fellow. :)

Oh, I got on OKCupid. Every time somebody with a "4U" name writes me, I think of you and crack up. The latest one was Zonked4U. LOL

Daisy Alvarez said...

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