Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm a local, you're a local

So this guy (I'll call him Eli) messaged me the other day whose match with me wasn't that great (according to the dating site); however, he asked a couple interesting questions and I decided I might as well respond (though I took my sweet time). Since then we've exchanged a couple of e-mails and I've learned that he's a native of this city, just like me, and has a penchant for taking long rambling walks around the city, just as I do. One of Eli's jobs is actually Walking-Tour Guide. Therefore, I've decided to put aside any reservations I have about him based on the low match percentage and consent to an "activity date" of sorts: go on one of the walks listed in a book about the stairway walks in our city. It's an area I've explored a little and one he actually doesn't know very well, so it seems that this has potential. I don't really feel any great attachment to the guy, so I'm just going to see if maybe I can make a new friend out of this.

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