Friday, January 4, 2008

It's been amusing so far

Who knew that writing an online profile was so challenging? It's somewhat like writing a resume or college application, and yet you don't want to give away everything. You also want to sound interesting and appealing, but not arrogant or vain. If you write that Pride and Prejudice is your favorite book will you be judged differently than if you claim The Da Vinci Code? It has taken me the last week and a half to complete my profile, but I think I'm satisfied with it now.

As for the guys? There are some people in my area that I supposedly match with well, including one who sounds suspiciously similar to my last boyfriend. A number of guys have IMed me, but I've rejected most of them, often based on looks or match percentage. Plus, how can I be expected to take a guy seriously if his screenname is something like 'hot4u'? The two guys I did chat with were, well, not very interesting. Perhaps I should be proactive and actually message people rather than wait for them to come to me? We'll see…

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