Thursday, February 28, 2008

He might exist

Ian might be a real person, there is someone by his name at the university, but there is absolutely no information other than his name with which to verify or negate his supposed identity. In the Curiouser and Curiouser file I can add this, though: This morning I had a message from the dating site letting me know that someone had given me 4 out 5 stars on personality. It had a click here for a hint link, so I clicked and who's profile pops up? Ian's. Yet, it still says that he hasn't logged in since Saturday. What the heck? Well, regardless of whether or not he likes my profile, we are clearly not going on a date today, seeing as I've not heard from him in days. Fortunately, I've been invited out to dinner with a group of friends, so I will not be at home alone tonight.

In other news, I received a message from another guy last week (I'll call this guy Zeke) who actually had a high match percentage with me. I looked at his profile—it was well-written and he sounds like a cool guy—but I can only focus on one guy at a time and I was so preoccupied with Ian that I didn't give Zeke more than a passing thought. However, I did respond to his message since he did seem like a good guy, and told him that I was just starting to see someone new, so thanks but no thanks.

Well, he looked at my profile again today, so I decided to try again with Zeke. I just sent him a pretty humble message saying that I was too hasty in turning him down, since it seemed the guy I was planning on dating didn't actually exist. If he was still up for chatting, I would be happy to hear from him. We'll see… I'm off to dinner.

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