Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dating non-natives to the area

So Superquail asked me why, "you only want to date people from the area, but you don't want to date people who grew up in the area," in response to my posts about Carl. The answer is fairly simple, really. I live in a big city but I have dozens of "It's a Small World" moments every year, times when I meet someone who knows my best friend from high school or lived down the street from me growing up. It's not that I'm afraid or ashamed of my past, I just find that it's nice to meet people with whom I have absolutely no connections. The chances of that happening with a local are slim, so I like to date people who aren't from the area. I guess I also like playing tour guide—being a proud native, and all—but that's a much smaller reason.

In other news, Dan's back. He sent me an e-mail the other day, after being out of communication since April. He wrote a very sincere apology for not writing and after a few e-mails we're talking about trying to meet up sometime soon. I assume it would just be as friends, but that's totally fine with me (I think).

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Superquail said...

I always get taken aback by the idea of a city the size of San Francisco having a lot of the same problems as my po-dunk hometown.

Whenever I meet people from my home region or people who have just traveled through it, it's nice because we have a lot to talk about and we have a lot in common. But it's not the sort of thing I would look for in a dating possibility. It's far more interesting to date someone who has had substantially different experiences.

I suppose the other way to get out of the "small world" loop with native San Franciscans would be to try dating in different age groups. If you dated someone who was substantially older or younger, there is a chance that they would be have in a different social crowd their whole lives and there might not be as much over-lap. On the other hand, there are plenty of good reasons to stick to people roughly your own age. ;)