Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Busy Slow Week

Yes, I realize the title of this post is a bit odd. No, it is not a mistake. It was a very busy week for me. It began with laryngitis, then, once I got my voice back, lots of singing and lots of talking. Lots of talking, for it was a week of conferences and meetings at work. To add to all of this, I think I'm anemic, and, as such, have been sleeping at any given chance.

All of the above left little energy or time for virtual-stalking, e-mailing, or chatting on the dating site, let alone blogging about it. However, there has been a little bit. Last weekend I started exchanging e-mails with a guy I'll call Dan. He'd been writing a pretty interesting blog on his profile and I'd been leaving a few comments on it. He messaged me and we went from there. As with Zeke, unfortunately, he lives 60+ miles away. Therefore, I knew early on that even if anything did evolve, any semblance of a real-world relationship would be quite challenging.

Of all the guys I've messaged with so far, Dan's the first who's actually my age. We graduated from college at the same time, grew up with certain world events marking the exact same points in our lives, etc., which I have to say is kind of nice. Anyway, we sent a bunch of "getting to know you" kind of e-mails last weekend and then on Monday he sent a message that, among other things, said he'd just started (as in the day before) a relationship with someone. He wrote that he hoped we could continue messaging, as he enjoyed our conversations, but understood if I wanted to move on, seeing as we were on a dating site. Well, I took Superquail's advice (as well as responding to my own gut reaction) and decided to continue talking to him. The fact of the matter is that I like having someone new to talk to and since I knew going into it that a relationship wouldn't be reasonable, I wasn't really disappointed. Perhaps some day, if one of us is in the other's town, we'll meet up and hang out; but for now I just have a good, new pen-pal.

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