Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bad Usernames: Part 3

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know that I have a penchant for collecting usernames that I think are terrible and then writing snarky comments about them. If you don't like the snark, skip this post. If you like my commentary or are curious to know what some of today's males think make good usernames, read on.

Bigmonolith (Some get bonus points for using an SAT word, but not you for using this crude euphemism)
DarkHeartXIII (Oooh, you sound so dark and scary…)
Expertgumchewer (and that's something that should make me want to date you?)
Halfgoat (So you're a satyr? That's so not my type.)
Hugefuckingdork (This is just wrong… especially if you know anything about whale anatomy)
Iamkoolaid (Are you punchy?)
Iatemykitty (a. I'm a cat person, b. I'm basically a vegetarian, and c. WHAT?)
Jizzblaster (Attention whore)
Mrubermensch (Regardless of how you choose to define ├╝bermensch, this guy's ego seems to be a bit inflated)
Nofishtoday1 (Are you eating fish? selling? catching? I'm confused.)
Paprikanator (The Terminator of Spice World. Ooh, maybe Sporty Spice could have a death match with Paprikanator… who would win?)
Plaidfluff (How can fluff be plaid?)
Rockthemullet (Mullets are gross—the hairstyle and the fish)
Sfgiantnut21 (This guy just needs one more letter to make this into a great username. As it is, the name makes me wonder if he's only got one…)
Sockgremlin (If I'm not mistaken, this is a character from a bad '80s kids' book)
Superkittykill (I sure hope this guy and Iatemycat never get together… cat lovers beware!)
Urnotcompatible (Well then, why should I bother?)

And thus concludes another round of "What were they thinking?"


Fellmama said...

I love Paprikanator! His nemesis is Mr. Salt.

Ily said...

I don't think Paprikanator is too bad, either...but I always had a not-so-secret love for the Spice Girls. :-)

Superquail said...

I love it when you give your lists of bad usernames! I think they are hilarious! I sometimes wonder about usernames, because unlike the names we are born with, we get to choose them. I based mine on a middle school nickname I got in a really random way that just sort of stuck somehow. I don't know that it says anything meaningful about me. However, if I were to name myself psychoninjapirate, that might give it all away. :)