Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tonight's rejects

Well they're not really rejects as they didn't contact me, but I've rejected them based on the first few lines of their profiles (and one for his horrid username).

Reject #1:
- Username: opolis
- Profile opening: "I came to [this place I live] to reinvent myself as a more interesting person. I may have gone too far. Do you ever feel like you are the last sane person on earth? Is that statistically possible? You'll notice I'm very dynamic. I'm more deviant than I look, and I like it that way. I can have a good conversation with anyone. I'm always working on a stupid art idea or helping a friend with one of their's. I like to ride things with two wheels…"
- Picture: Definitely not very deviant-looking.
- Conclusion: Ugh.

Reject #2:
- Username: smallweiner4u
- Profile opening: "My name is smallweiner4u, if you want to know why, you'll have to ask! Isn't that a clever way to catch your interest?"
- Photo: Not bad, but not attractive to me either, no matter what the username.
- Conclusion: There are much better ways to get my attention and "capture my interest" than this. At the very least, he could have made it smallweinerforyou. There's nothing I hate more than text/IM abbreviations.


Superquail said...

The first dude sounds like he has a really short attention span.

On the other hand, I have never written a profile for a dating site, so I'm not sure what I would write or how I would go about describing myself to potential dates. There are things that are really important about me that I don't tell anyone until I get to know them really well, but those are exactly the sorts of things people want to know up front.

Ily said...

The hard thing about creating a profile is that it's not just about being a good writer, it's about selling yourself. Most people aren't very good at that...and I'm the worst! So I guess I see myself in these sad profiles :-)

Superquail said...

Yeah, and you have to sell yourself in a way that doesn't sound like you're selling yourself and that also sounds like a friendly awesome person who isn't going to be so arrogant and aggressive that you want to run and hide under a table when you meet them . . .

Anna said...

I'm back on a dating site, now that I'm actually in the country again, and find that I reject a lot of guys based on their usernames. "YoursForTheLovin" really doesn't do it for me. I think a username should say something about a person -- mine has "travel" in the title, because that's something I love to do!

My friends helped me revamp my profile. I'm using the new b&w facebook profile picture as my online site profile picture...and have it in color too. With the new pic, I find that I'm getting many, many more hits. My friend John helped me rewrite my page so people learn about me through a couple of stories (my herding sheep in Serbia story is a big hit, and I get asked about it a lot). I'm finding, though, that I get a lot of "hardcore" athletes emailing me -- men who run up trails with full packs. I respect hardcore athletes, but I prefer hikes that are walks in the woods.

Having a bit of luck so far with this site. I'm emailing a guy who recently moved to Seattle. In his first email to me, he asked me about cevapi (google this and you'll start drooling, unless you're a vegetarian), shared a story about eating something funky in Germany, and asked me if I felt like more of an outsider when I lived in a small Cascade town than I did in the Balkans. Smart, funny, tall, has great stories -- I've decided I want to go out on a date with him! Now if only he'd get back from vacation and email me again...