Thursday, December 3, 2009

First Date with Alex

A few weeks ago, I started regularly attending a group for people, like me, who are unemployed. We do free or fairly cheap things during the day on weekdays and generally have a great time. When I went to sign up for my second meetup, I noticed that a guy (I'll call him Alex) from the dating site had also signed up (same picture, same guy). Deciding to play it cool, I said nothing on either site and went to the meetup—a walk around the zoo—with the expectation we might talk a bit, but that I wouldn't mention the dating site unless he did.

To make a long story shorter, we had a good time talking at the meetup, he eventually found me on the dating site, we exchanged a few messages and IMs, he came to another meetup (one that I was in charge of), but then there was silence. However, it was Thanksgiving week. Then on Monday I got a message from him asking me on a date—for milkshakes. My favorite. So I said yes and we set the milkshake date for today.

I had no idea how the date would go, but I shouldn't have worried. Alex is a really nice guy, quite different (and much better dressed) than Henry, and we had a pretty darn good time. We tentatively set another date for next week. I'll keep you posted.


Ily said...

Sounds good! And I have to say, if you're ever near Ananda Fuara, their milkshakes are better than average. Hmm...I'll be unemployed after today, I should probably check that group out! A group where you will not be asked "What do you do?" sounds wonderful.

Superquail said...

Sounds great! It seems that Henry has given you a healthy baseline from which to go up, if you get my meaning.