Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cougars and Cubs

This is pretty much unrelated to my normal line of blogging, but I've mentioned "cougars" once before so I thought I'd share this story I came across today on the Huffington Post: "Carnival Cruises Bans 'Cougars,' 'Cubs' From Future Trips."

Basically Carnival wants to keep its family friendly image, so it has turned down the request of a singles travel club to have a second "cougar-themed" cruise. What do you think? Should Carnival have done this? Do you want me (and everyone else) to refrain from mentioning "cougars" ever again?

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Superquail said...

Honestly, if there are ladies out there who want to call themselves cougars and get it on with younger gents, I have no problem with that. I also don't have any problem with them organizing cruises around the idea. It wouldn't be the first romantic-themed (or sex-themed) cruise ever to be invented. The fact that Carnival finds it unacceptable says a bit about Carnival, don't you think? Gay cruises are total chill but the idea of a young man finding an older woman attractive is just too ick?