Saturday, June 28, 2008

Other sites

*ily has encouraged me to move beyond my current site and try elsewhere, namely Craigslist, if nothing else for the shock value. Just for kicks I decided to do just that. Here are the first six listings that came up for me when I visited the "men seeking women" section of my local Craigslist (spelling, punctuation, and formatting just as written):

  • Operation Girlfriend Rescue! - 26
    • This ad asks for someone who can "excite" him with all sorts of "stories and adventures" and it says that if you take him on a road trip he "opens up" and "likes the feeling of being free." He closes by requesting that one, "send me your pic, not from down there, your face first!"
    • He just got home from work and isn't tired so he wants to chat with a cool and special woman and put a smile on her face. He's willing to send a photo…
  • chat ? - 33
    • He just got home from hanging out and wants to chat.
  • I Would Love to Gently Shave You
    • I wouldn't feel good about posting this guy's entire post verbatim, and I really can't do it justice. Let's just say that he feels shaving a woman's "private area" can be "arousing and a truly beautiful experience."
  • Snuggle and Fall Asleep in My Arms
    • This is a single guy who is looking for someone to snuggle and hold in his arms. I like snuggling, a lot, perhaps more than the average person; however, I am not about to call someone up sheerly because of this one shared desire.
  • Am I the only normal one here? Please prove me wrong - 28
    • He says he feels strange about posting on CL, but that his friend had success so he thought he'd try it out. Then he goes on to list some of his physical attributes and say that his, "ideal situation is something between dating and a casual encounter." To him I reply: and how is that really any different from what most of these other guys want?

Very interesting. I don't know about this, *ily. Perhaps 2:30 on a Friday/Saturday night isn't the best time to be perusing the CL personals given what I'm looking for, but it was amusing all the same.


Superquail said...

There are a lot of strange people in the world. I get the guy who just wants to snuggle. It makes sense to me, at least. But the shaving fetish? I guess it takes all kinds . . .

Writing a personal ad is not the same as writing a profile on a dating site, though. There isn't as much opportunity to really explain yourself, which leaves a lot unknown. For some people that might be the thrill.

Ily said...

I find those "a friend put me up to this" ads funny...I mean, dude, you actually went through with it, so own up! Oh, and I'm glad you thought about my suggestion :-)