Monday, June 16, 2008

School's out! I'm back!

The school year is over which means I now have almost three months of paid vacation to do whatever I please. The timing is good too, as I've been getting a lot of profile views and a number of messages (including a few promising ones) in the last two weeks.

For example, last night I received an invitation to a concert. I'd never messaged with this guy before, but he read my profile and thought I might be interested in going. I am—except that I've already got non-negotiable plans for that night. However, he's been on Jeopardy and sounds really cool; therefore, I hope he and I can hang out at some other time. A Jeopardy contestant? How cool is that?

I was also messaged by a nice sounding guy who's right here in the City. Convenient.

Then there's the guy I wrote about a few months ago, the cocky one, remember? Anyway, he keeps IM-ing me when I'm not near the computer. Finally, he just sent me a restaurant rec, since he recognized my Foodie-tendencies from my profile.

Anyway, these are definitely promising possibilities and there are more out there. Yay vacation!

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Superquail said...

It sounds like you have a summer project ahead of you! Let us know how it goes . . .

By the way, the Chinese government has graciously decided to unblock blogspot, for the moment, but not LJ. In fact, they have gone so far as to block anonymouse so I can't get to LJ that way either. I also can't get to my banking website which may be a problem since I need to pay a credit card bill.