Saturday, December 27, 2008

One Year

Last night, when I was returning home from Christmas with my parents, I was struck by how fast the year has gone by. It seems like it was just a few months ago that I did the same holiday lights tour through the city and it's hard to believe that was actually a full year ago.

It was also one year ago that I officially joined the dating site. I joined it on a whim—I was sick with a bad cold, lonely, and on vacation and I figured I had nothing to lose by joining it. So, in a list of numbers, I present a recap of my year of online dating:

6: Guys I met in person
5: Guys I met in person as a "date"
1: Guys I met in person as a friend

3: Personal ads to which I responded on Craigslist
2: Responses and subsequent e-mail exchanges from said people on Craigslist
0: Dates resulting from Craigslist ads

321: People I rejected on the dating site
50+: People I rejected on the dating site solely because of their horrible username

110: Posts on this blog

So this is part one of the anniversary post. I'm going to aim to write the "lessons learned" post tomorrow.


Ily said...

Ooh, there's going to be lessons? I'm so curious...

Superquail said...

Are there any other dating sites you have considered?

Katie said...

There was one other site. I joined it for .5 seconds and then realized it was awful. I should write a whole post about this. Stay tuned.