Monday, December 1, 2008

So you don't drink? Is that true?

Yes indeed, Derek, that's true.

Derek and I chatted yesterday morning and among the topics we touched on was food and drink. We're both foodies, but, sadly, I'm just not into alcohol. The smell (and thus the taste) is completely off-putting; however, this tends to make me an extremely cheap date.

Anyway, assuming I didn't put him off by my disinterest in drinking, I think we're on for tomorrow night.


Superquail said...

I read an article in the New Yorker awhile back that talked about hangovers. I have never experienced a hangover but the article was still quite interesting. One of the things it mentioned was that certain people have a gene that allows them to process alcohol more efficiently. The author also mentioned that most Asians lack this gene which is why the tend to red when they drink and why the get drunk more quickly than, say, Indo-European types. Jews, also, only end up with this gene about 50% of the time and I don't think I'm in that 50%.

You see, I think that there is not only a gene which makes it easier to break down alcohol, I think there is a gene that makes alcohol taste good, or maybe that's the same gene. Anyway, I am certain that there is some wonderful experience that other people are extracting from alcohol which I have never managed to get. Explaining this to people who do seem to get an enormous high off of being drunk is like trying to explain three-dimensional space to a sheet of paper: it doesn't work. They just assume that you're a crazy religious nut or something.

Katie said...

Plus, in California, there's such a culture of wine-drinking (and snobbery) and artisan beer-brewing that I sometimes feel guilty for not wanting to partake in such fabulous products. However, if I don't like the way something tastes, I'm not putting it in my body, no matter what. That said, if a guy is that into alcohol, it's going to be hard for me to relate with him or spend that many evenings in his company.

Superquail said...

Don't let that wine snobbery and micro-brew beer thing fool you. People who drink expensive beverages to excess are alcoholics just as much as those who get trashed on the cheap stuff.