Friday, February 20, 2009

What a difference a year makes

For those of you who've been reading my blog since the beginning, it may be hard to believe that it was a year ago this week that I had my intense IM relationship with the guy who seemed absolutely great (Ian)—until he disappeared. It's difficult for me to imagine that I'd ever make that mistake again. For one, there are better things to do than waste one's entire week of vacation IMing with one person, no matter how cool he may be. For another, well, there were so many warning signs. So anyway, I feel that I've learned a lot since then and am trying to be much more rational about this whole online dating thing.

As for the Henry/Adam situation, I've not heard anything more from Adam since Monday; I am however going to be seeing Henry again this weekend. He invited me to go with him to a nearby cafe for a board games group. Nerdy? Perhaps. Right up my alley? Totally. I'm really excited about this. Oh, and from the "it's a small world" files: one of you, a friend of mine from college, actually knows Henry from high school. I discovered this through the wonder that is Facebook. Sing it with me: "It's a small world after all, it's a small world afterall…"


Superquail said...

Henry knows one of us from high school? Is it me? Recently I had the weirdest "two-degrees-of-separation" thing. My friend Sophie, here in China, had a friend of hers come to visit. Her friend's girlfriend is a girl I knew in high school. How weird is that? Sophie and her friend Camala both went to school at Oberlin, which is very far from my alma matter.

Katie said...

Nope, not you, SQ. It's a friend who grew up in Oregon.

I think that in this world, having only one or two degrees of separation is surprisingly common. Strange, but true.