Friday, April 18, 2008

The Cocky, Supposedly-native Guy

Since I last posted, there has been little new to report in my online dating world. I convinced one friend to rejoin the dating site, after having been off of it for a year. We filled out her profile together, and did our best not to put really silly stuff in, while also trying not to sound completely boring. As I think I mentioned before, writing a profile is really hard.

While I have not received more than a couple new e-mails or missed IMs in the last week and a half, I have heard from two of you that I should give the cocky, supposedly-native resident of my city a chance. I guess there's no real reason not to. However, I thought I'd post his e-mail to me here, so I can get another opinion or two before I message him. Here it is:

Woah, an actual native - me too, though I've never actually lived in the city. +1 on Set, my friends hate when I pull at that game - mixes so well to challenge drunkness vs. matching patterns or colors.

Impressive SF foodie'ism list; how about Cha Ya or Burma Superstar, even indian pizza @ Zante's?

I'll leave it at that, folks don't often reply on this medium anyhows. Cheers.

What do you think?

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Superquail said...

Hm. Given that email, I guess I might reconsider the dude as well. A couple of things: he calls himself a native but admits to having never lived in the city. That's weird. The fact that he likes Set is totally cool, and once you kick his ass at a game, I figure he will lose a little of that cockiness. But the reference to drunkenness makes me think he might be a bad fit for you.

By the way, have you noticed something? Blogspot is no longer burned up by the firewall!