Friday, April 18, 2008

Update to previous post

I just went back to the dating site and looked at Cocky Guy's profile. Wow. Bad. He spells music "muzaq" and, frankly, is really not attractive in any of his four photos. The impressions I got from his first e-mail—that he's very concerned with all things trendy and his style of writing is so cocky that I can't even think straight—are beyond true when looking at his full profile. Sorry, Superquail and *ily, I think I'm going to not think any more about this guy.

Oh, and I haven't heard from Zeke in quite a while. I was the last to send a message, so I think I'm going to give up on that front too.


Ily said...

Haha, too bad. But, your peanut gallery appreciates the effort! You know, it's really becoming clear to me that in online dating, it's impossible to view someone as a whole. You're just taking in all the little details, like I'd go, "ooh, I LOVE Cha-ya and Zante! But no on Muzaq, that's just bizarre."
It's "you are what you like, not what you are like" (from High Fidelity) taken to its extreme...and there's no real way around it, unless you can somehow suspend all judgment until you meet the person.
And that's my realization for the day :-)
(Oh God, I failed the Capcha... :-( )

Superquail said...

On-line dating is a new form of social interaction. You get a lot of information about a person, but how useful is any of it? How much of it reflects who they truly are versus who they want you to think they are? It's a game but no one has really agreed on the rules, or even the goals. I admire you for giving this a shot. It's a risky business in a way, and a very safe business in other ways.