Saturday, April 26, 2008

It seems we have a fetishist in our midst

I've recently had a number of profile views by this guy in Rhode Island. I frequently get views from people in other states or even countries, but they never look more than once. I usually chalk this up to the fact that I've written a geography test on the site, and I figure that these people have taken the test and have decided to look at my profile so as to determine what kind of person would write such a thing. However, multiple views from a guy in RI? I decided to look at his profile to investigate.

As it turns out, we have a fairly high match-percentage and a number of things in common. I messaged him yesterday, asking if he'd be up for a long-distance pen-pal. It was only after pressing send that I noticed he has a thing about liking attractive feet on his profile. Here's where it gets weirder: On my profile, in the section about what people first notice about me, I list that I have green eyes. It seems like three out of four people comment on them first over anything else. Then I go on to say that the thing I'm most surprised people don't notice is the fact that I have disproportionately large feet.

Could this be it? Does this guy search for profiles that mention feet? I haven't gotten a message back from him—which is probably a good thing—but I'm still curious. Was it my random comment about my feet that has caused him to view my profile so many times?

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Superquail said...

My (albeit limited) understanding is that foot fetishists are fairly benign. If you let it be known that you are not into feet, they will back off quickly. It's one of those reciprocal fetishes where the person who is into feet gets off on the idea that the owner of the feet is also getting off on having their feet massaged (or whatever it is that foot fetishists do with feet).

So, have no fear of developing a Rhode Island based stalker!

But do keep us posted . . . this sounds interesting ;)