Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sent a message—got nothing back

I messaged I guy two days ago who's new to the site and has a really high match-percentage with me. Strange user name (TizzyTool), but his profile was amusing and interesting and I thought I would give it a shot. Unfortunately, I've heard nothing from him. This is not at all uncommon in the world of online dating—I've received many messages to which I've never responded—but since I haven't been corresponding with anyone for a while, I was hoping for something.

I've known ever since I joined (and before that too, of course) that I am not comfortable dating someone who does drugs. Therefore, anytime I come across a guy who's profile sounds great, I always check the sidebar to see if he does drugs. If he says he does, I immediately block him so that I'm not tempted by his profile again. Last night, after being messaged by someone who says he "sometimes" does drugs on his profile, I added this to the "you should message me if" box on my own profile:

(You should message me if…) "you don't do drugs. That may sound simplistic, but, after four months on this site, I've realized that I really have no tolerance for people who do drugs. It's a lifestyle choice I really do not understand and cannot support. Therefore, if you do any, no matter how infrequently, don't bother."


Superquail said...

I think it is very honest of you to declare they you are not interested in drug users. I think these are the sorts of things that people need to know. What your favorite color is or whether you like boxers or briefs is much less relevant.

For my own part, I really don't get the drug culture. People I've known who were regular drug users struck me as remarkably boring. But they don't think that they are boring: they often think that the fact of their drug use makes them more interesting than others.

There's an ex-pat here in Kunming who loves to talk about "Oh, this one time, I did E and then . . ." and is just glowing with pride when she talks about shrooms and peyote and heaven knows what else. How is any of that an achievement?

I got high once. I had a prescription anti-anxiety drug that the doctor at the Whitman health center gave me. Usually I only would take half a pill and then go to sleep. One time, I was so stressed and freaking out, I took a whole pill. I have never felt so good in my life. So I threw the pills away and have never gone back for a refill. I don't think the human brain is designed to handle that much euphoria.

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