Monday, February 22, 2010

Second Date vs. Nth Date

As I mentioned in the comments on a recent post, I've reached the point of wanting to settle down. For good. Therefore, the stakes have changed for my dates. If I'm asked out and I accept, it's usually because the guy seems nice enough, though I usually don't have a lot of hope of him making it to a second date. However, if I ask a guy out, there's a huge difference—I want him to make it to the nth date, not just the second.

Such is the case with Theo. I had an excellent time with him Saturday night and I'd really like to see him again. Unless if I completely misread him as we said hasty goodbyes as I got off the train, he's interested too. I sent him a short message this morning, so now the wait begins.

In other news, I read this somewhat offensive column on Huffington Post today. Now, I have to start by saying that the author is a senior in college and a guy, so his perspective is likely to be different than mine anyway. Still, I can't say that I'd consider doing any of the things he mentions in his column. Would you?


Superquail said...

Wow. That article was utterly disgusting. He is the sort of person I think the world would be infinitely better off without. My guess is that he is some kind of sociopath.

Let us know how it goes with Theo! It sounds promising!

Lanafactrix said...

. . . huh? I'm not even sure what the point of that was, other than that Jeff Katz is a jerk. I text my friends late at night all the time . . . but it's not because I want a hookup. It's because I'm a night owl!