Friday, February 19, 2010

Theo: Henry v.2?

I've got another date tomorrow—guy number 18 for those of you playing along at home—with a guy I'll call Theo. I first came across his profile last October after the breakup with Henry, but, given that he'd just joined the site, I thought I'd wait a little while before messaging him. Then, as is my wont, I decided he was too good to message. (I know I've written about this before, but for the life of me I can't find the post.) However, as I was searching through my matches last weekend, I saw that he hadn't been messaged in over a week. I figured this might improve my chances of hearing back from him, so I got up the nerve to write.

To keep this short(er), we're going out tomorrow. So here's my worry: he's oddly similar to Henry. They share these things (among many others, I'm sure):
- Theo is German, Henry studied abroad in Austria and speaks German
- Theo is a "retired musicologist," Henry went to grad school for music
- Theo is in grad school for computer stuff, Henry did that in undergrad

To cap that off, our first date is going to be pretty much what my first date was with Henry: dinner at an ethnic restaurant and a free concert at a cafe. Who knows though? Henry and I dated for over seven months. Perhaps Theo will at least make it to date two.


Lanafactrix said...

Well, were those things you liked, disliked, or were neutral with about Henry? There's nothing wrong with being attracted to similar traits in different men--provided they aren't negative traits!

Katie said...

You're right, Lanafatrix. None of those things were ones that I disliked about Henry, with the slight exception of the computer-related job. However, Theo says on his profile that he "would like to work with people rather than with machines" when he's done with his degree, which is not something I can really imagine Henry saying anytime soon.

The being German aspect is definitely a plus. I've always had a fantasy of ending up with someone from a foreign country and/or spoke another language fluently.

Superquail said...

I would say the similarities strike me as rather superficial at this point. A guy who is interested in both music and computer isn't rare.

Katie said...

You're right, SQ, it's pretty superficial. It's just odd. To add to that though, my first dates with Henry and Theo were almost identical; however, given that I set up both, that's entirely my fault.