Sunday, October 19, 2008

This is too much fun

I have a friend who has made it a personal goal to create and post a piece of artwork everyday on her blog. Usually they're simple, but gorgeous photos and they always make me feel calm and pensive. I encourage you to check them out.

While I sincerely doubt reading my blog will make you feel calm—perhaps pensive, though—I'm going to see if I can post something amusing from the world of online dating on a daily basis. Online dating is hard, because you can learn so much about a person before the first date, but, ultimately, not a lot of what really makes a relationship tick. It isn't until an actual meeting that you can say for certain whether or not someone is a great find or a dud.

So, here's the humorous line for the day: "Aye! I am of the human species. I come in search of adventure." (I feel that I should also point out that this person is one of those obnoxious people who lists every single artist/band in his iTunes playlist in the section "Favorite Music"—are all of those really your favorites?)

Edit: I wrote this before bed last night, but seeing as it was past midnight, it technically counted as today's post. However, here's one more choice tidbit from a profile I encountered this morning: "I am a hippie/techie/frat boy who follows the Buddha."


Lanafactrix said...

Does the Buddha play beer pong?

Superquail said...

It kind of pisses me off sometimes the way the Buddha has become kitsch.