Friday, October 24, 2008

This is not the classifieds

If I only wanted to know your height, weight, build, and a superficial detail, I would search the newspaper classifieds or Craigslist—but I don't. I'm on my dating site because I want to know more than that. Therefore, I found these two profiles a little lacking:

funtallwhiteguy: "Easy going and fun to be around. Tall and athletic, 6'2 197lbs and fit, muscular body, blue eyes and well endowed!" Oh, did I mention his picture is of him lying on the beach in a speedo?

howareu123: What's up, Im Allen Im 6" tall, blonde hair blue eyes with a toned build. But Im not huge or anything.(Lol) 6 inches? I'm sure he meant 6 feet, but given how many pieces of punctuation are missing in his statement, I really shouldn't be surprised.

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Superquail said...

You've got to wonder what kind of person these guys are trying to attract. Someone who only cares about physical appearance? Sounds shallow to me. Also, I just haven't met that many girls who say "I want a guy who is 6'2", 178 lbs., tanned but not too dark, blond, but not bleach-blond, with great muscle definition." Oddly enough, most women I know don't list physical appearance at the top of things they most need in a guy.