Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This Morning's Rejects

My site allows me to block people whom I find distasteful, thus giving them no chance to message me. I just blocked two people:

666voices. Even if he hadn't looked totally scary in his picture, the name was enough to send me running for the "block" button.

clogan9. Here's the part of his profile that popped up on my homepage this morning: "yes i know i need to write things here, maby u can help fill this up with what u think of me?" I could let him know, but it would be mean… so I wrote about it here, instead.

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Superquail said...

I think it is so lame when people try to make themselves sound interesting or scary by linking themselves to Satan and that shit. Does anyone really believe there is some big scary demon out there who tells people to do bad things? We seem to do a good enough job of convincing ourselves to do things that are not so good that it hardly seems necessary.