Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You Are Amazing

I started off the weekend as confused as I could possibly be, but, thanks to all of your comments, I finished it much more sound of mind. If you haven't read the comments on my last two posts, I encourage you to do so. I received lots of great advice and perspectives and was able to really think through the odd situation in which I've found myself. So here's what I've determined:
  • Theo is the one I would like to keep seeing in earnest. He has come across as a bit shy, so, after waiting three days since our date last week, I decided to message him last night. I have no problem with taking it slow with him, though I do hope that our next date doesn't involve a frantic run to catch the last train (like the first two did).
  • Paul is a cool guy, but a bit of a player. Should things not work out with Theo, he'd be around if I wanted him to be.
  • Jesse is the wild card. He asked me out at the last minute tonight, but I'm home sick with a cold. I asked him if we might be able to hang out later this week. He seems interesting, so I don't want to write him off, but I'm treading very slowly with him. 
Even though I've sorted this out for now, I'm sure I'll have a lot more to consider in the weeks ahead. Please continue to comment and share advice/experiences. It means the world to me.


Ily said...

Should things not work out with Theo, he'd be around if I wanted him to be.

That sounds like it makes sense. :-) I thought I'd put everything negative about Caltrain in my Yelp review, but I didn't add "messing up people's dates". Bad, bad Caltrain.

Katie said...

There aren't too many times when I wish everyone had a car, but when I'm on a late-night date that is going well, a car could really come in handy.

Lanafactrix said...

I'd privately vowed never to date a guy who didn't have a car again after a few exasperating experiences last summer--I hate always having to be the one to drive. But then of course I fell for the Irishman, who is car-free, and I drive him everywhere. If he ever gets a car, I'm NEVER DRIVING AGAIN.

That being said, public transit in the DC area is fantastic--it just takes twice as long to get to his place on the metro.