Friday, March 21, 2008

Crazy Blind Date

The dating site I'm on has a feature called Crazy Blind Date. Available in only three cities in the country, including mine, it's a way to set up blind dates with other people on the site based solely on what day you want to go on a date. I've thought about trying it, but I think I'm too chicken to go on a blind date—I'm too picky. 

Have you ever been on a blind date. Good experience? Bad experience? Do tell.


Linda Thomas said...

You should totally do a "crazy blind date!" At least try it once. You have nothing to lose (except your time, so make it a quick coffee at first). Even if it doesn't go well, you'll have something to blog about. So, do it for your blog readers if you won't do it for yourself :)

And on your next date, try giving your heart a chance to have an opinion, before your brain interrupts with its checklist of attributes the ideal man-date.


Ily said...

Freshman year in college, I had a blind date who gave me a really good idea for a core even if these things don't work out romantically, there's always the possibility that some other interesting thing could happen...

Anna said...

I've had a blind date. One was with a senior during my sophomore year of college -- a friend set us up. It was fun, but there wasn't a spark there.

My parents met on a blind date. The way my mom tells it, it wasn't a great date. But, they've been married almost 30 years, so there must have been something there!