Thursday, March 27, 2008

IMs & Bad Usernames (cont.)

After not receiving messages from anyone all week, I got three within an hour tonight. Weird. Unfortunately, none of them were from people in which I have any interest. It's something, though.

Now, I have these to add to my list of bad usernames on the dating site:

• 15dollarWilly (Ew. That's all.)
• Anualsects (Don't bother disguising your true intent with "clever" spelling changes. Anyone with half a brain can see through this and realize where you're going with this.)
• BigBadgerJohnny (Is this supposed to make you sound manly? Brawny? My dictionary defines badgers in this way: a heavily built omnivorous nocturnal mammal of the weasel family, typically having a gray and black coat. By this definition, you are a weasely, overweight night-owl who is prematurely gray. So not attractive.)
• BigMonolith (Are you using your username to compensate for something or is your ego really that big?
• DiscoCottontail (I'm picturing John Travolta circa Saturday Night Fever but with Easter Bunny ears to accompany the white suit.)
• DisgustThing (Now that's good self-advertisement…)
• Guruturtle (I'm stumped. Are you a guru for turtles or is that your spirit name?)
• KarmaAdjuster (Maybe this guy should get together with Guruturtle?)
• MaximumSlug (Go talk to DisgustThing. Perhaps the two of you could work on better names. Then again, with your skills (or lack there of), the results might be pretty scary.)
• TrevyTrev (How old are you, 5?)

Oh, I could go on like this forever. There are just so many bad names. I'm sure I'll collect a few more in the coming weeks, and then I'll post them. What are the worst (or best) usernames you've encountered?


Mary said...

Re: badgers: they ripple when they walk, like miniature seascapes. Dead sexy to be sure.

I admit, I kinda like "DiscoCottontail."

Ily said...

Now I'm curious-- what do you think are optimum usernames?

Superquail said...

"superquail" is a quality username.