Friday, November 14, 2008


Self-esteem is an interesting concept: too little makes for a pessimistic, often self-depricating individual; too much and a person is cocky and arrogant. I'm like Goldilocks, I guess—I'm looking for a guy with enough self-esteem to feel comfortable with himself but not enough to make him arrogant.

Having said that, here are some relevant posts:

Too much: I am a natural with electronics and anything that requires infinite patience. I'm one of those annoying people who is basically good at everything with little to no effort. I am good at and love cooking. Its not vegan though - I am a 4th generation dairy heir. (electronic milk)

Too little: I'm a passionate, driven and entirely absent-minded person who wants to make the world a better place and is concerned about the massively unequal distribution of wealth. I love learning and meeting new people. I'm probably not cool enough for this website. (foldr)

Too much or too little? I can't tell: Sometimes I stay up too late and send nonsensical messages… so if you get a weird message from me, just ignore it. Unless you can come up with an EVEN WEIRDER reply! We can out-weird each other until the internet explodes! (apparatattack)

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