Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Debating politics: Turn-on or Turn-off?

After being IMed last night about politics (in part, I assume, because I have some political positions for this election on my profile), I have to say it was a bit of a turn-off. I mean, I guess it was flattering to receive an IM that was about something substantive, but at the same time, an in-depth debate about redistricting is not really what I'm on the site for.

For those of you currently in relationships (or who can remember past relationships in detail) what do you think about this? Are you turned on by a political debate with your partner?

And on a lighter note: Here's someone else who has some feelings about what he does and does not want to be IMed about (taken from his journal post):

"I would not like to get any messages from any users that are pro dog fights. Also, you can trick me into going to a dog fight if you create a poster that said, "Dawg Fights" but frankly I wouldn't like being tricked into it. What sort of person are you if you go around looking for love on [dating site] and then you organize dog fights? I wish dog fights involved two dogs in airplanes shooting down each other. I would never root for the Great Dane. Only if this was some sort of fantasyland can we ever see a great dane winning."

I suppose it is worth noting that this guy lives in Texas…


Lanafactrix said...

I argue politics with K all the time. We're of the same general stripe, but we have different interests and hobbyhorses. I think we both find it interesting and enjoy it.

Ily said...

Well, I'm single, but...I'll talk about politics with anyone, as long as they're civil, moderately open-minded, and not using "socialist" as an insult. But as soon as it escalates into a debate, I back away. Unless I'm running for office, debates are too much work for too little gain.
Ily for supervisor!

Superquail said...

I am interested in politics at some level, but certainly not as much as my guy. Sometimes I have to ask him to stop telling me about the LATEST REPUBLICAN ATROCITY because I simply don't have the emotional energy to get worked up over all that shit. I don't believe in flogging a dead horse. Since I have already said that I do not support Republicans I see no reason to revisit the issue, but he does.

Discussions and debates can always be either fun or miserable depending on how the two people involved approach it. If there is any concept of "winning" involved, then it can make things nastier.