Monday, November 24, 2008

Call me a hopeless romantic

but this Craigslist post really drew me in. What do you think? Should I message him?


I'm that boy on the train in the morning. You may notice me, I may notice you, OR if we are particularly adept we may notice one another yet make it so unobvious that the other party never even detected it. Thus diffusing an otherwise intense moment when someone wants to say something to a total stranger that, for one reason or another, picqued their interest but opts not to because lets face it its the early morning commute and the last thing she/he wants is to be "hit on". Perhaps thats true in general but perhaps thats NOT true in this particular case.

Perhaps that boy over there,that you took a quick peek at and then promptly looked away just as he gazed up,with americano (black, naturally) and book in hand, and headphones on who, despite the requisite groggyness cant help but sway to whatever it is that is moving him and setting gorgeous score to what would otherwise be a hellacious sardine can journey to the underground (is it Bach? Radiohead? Tribe Called Quest? Cat Power?) is the boy you've been pining after.

The one who can quicken your pulse and make you blush, drive you completely nuts and make your day, teach you things you never knew you were interested in and be taught things by you he had no idea he cared about.

He's bookish and awkward but the life of the party. Youre the only one who seems him cry, and its rare, but when it happens it happens with gravity and depth and you find it human and charming. He consumes art relentlessly. He just turned 30 and is beginning to finally get his act together though, it must be stated, he is still rough around the edges. Maybe you are too. He'll read entire passages from books aloud when the inspiration strikes and gets chills from live music.

It's all about being dynamic. Metal on the jukebox and $3 beers at a dive bar one day, martinis and the symphony the next. For the latter he will slap on a tie if you agree to pin your hair up and walk arm in arm with him. Maybe youll even wear elbow length silk gloves?

He works in advertising selling people shit they dont need and though he experiences the occasional twitch of moral dilemma, he exercises his brain daily and works with talented people and in the end digs what he does.

He's a poet but tells no one this. He's never sent anything out for publication because he, like most, is terrified of rejection.

Walking the line between sarcasm and sincerity, seriousness and ridiculousness, maturity and intermittent wrecklessness.

Cooking. Hes killer in the kitchen but again never says this. He wants to learn how to make sourdough bread from scratch but blows it each and every time.

Ideal night? Bill Evans lounge piano, copious amounts of wine, and cooking at home for his girl who, because it turns her on to see him turned on, may have just slipped into some 50's housewife dress she found at a thrift store and is doing something deliciously domestic like setting an adorable table and making sorbet for after dinner.

He falls for brainy, busty, bohemian types who have enough gas in their tank to paint the town red and enough zen to stay in with a book and nice lamp light. You call em like you see em and know how to give tough advice and shoulder rubs alike. You are intense yet demure and whisper inappropriate things in my ear at inappropriate times. You have drive and passion and are relentlessly in the pursuit of better versions of whatever is the currently best version. We sleep in on sundays and makeout and have mimosa fueled brunches and then hit a museum. Or if the weather sucks, we crawl back in bed and watch the star wars trilogy.
You like rolling in freshly cut grass and the sound of rain hitting the window. Candles make you feel warm and vulnerable. You may smell like lavender or dusty bookshelves or both. You are sweet like ice cream and spicy like a pepper. You are a badass but shy as a lamb

Looks. Im pretty effing cute Im told. Dirty blonde curls, bright green eyes, plump lips that should have awarded him a PhD in kissing, and he wears denim incredibly well.

Hes a bit broken hearted and disenchanted these days. He is hoping, perhaps just as you are, that someone out there can brighten things up a little and put a much needed charge into life.

i hope youre out there hoping Im out there and that you respond.
i really do.


Evan Hulka said...

Beware guys who write about themselves in the third person.

Lanafactrix said...

I say go for it. If he turns out to be an arrogant assh*le, you've lost nothing, eh?

Monica said...

I'm pretty charmed by it, despite the typoes, pronoun changes, and missing apostrophes. Which means that by my standards it must be pretty charming.

I agree with Lanafactrix - there's no harm in trying!

Ily said...

I agree with Evan about the third person, but I think this guy sounds like such a hoot, he'd definitely be something to write about!