Friday, November 28, 2008

aww shucks

"i just turned 36, so i guess i shouldnt be messaging you
but my screen says to contact 'Contact 5 new strangers'
and well, i picked you, now for a question, do you karaoke?

This was the rather amusing message I got yesterday. Even if he wasn't 36, I really don't think I could go for a guy who uses smiley faces in excess and is into karaoke.


Superquail said...

I don't get the thing with karaoke. EVERYONE in China loves that shit, but it just irritates the hell out of me. The one time I went, it was loud and unpleasant, and even though we had a private room, everyone felt compelled to shriek into the microphone. If you want to get together with a bunch of people to sing, why not join a choir? There at least you have someone who is willing to tell you when you suck, while your friends will just nod politely and then never hang out with you again.

Katie said...

That is so true! And judging what I know of the type of people who like to do karaoke, a lot of them really could use someone to (politely) tell them when they're awful.

By the way, this guy totally looked like he'd suck…at karaoke (at the very least).

Superquail said...

Yeah, if a person is just in to singing, they don't do karaoke. There is something about a yearning for humiliation or the desire to make a public spectacle of oneself that draws people towards that particular hobby.