Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The ultimate cougar? No just a really sweet story.

You may have heard by now that there is a 107 year-old woman in Chongqing, China who is finally looking for a husband. Apparently she was very traumatized as a child when she was frequently witness to her uncle beating her aunt and, because of that and China's deeply patriarchal society, she never wanted to marry. Until now. Read the whole story here.

Given that I just wrote a bit about cougars, the first thing that popped into my head when I heard this story was that she must be the ultimate cougar. She could be the great grandmother of some of those women from yesterday's story. However, this woman is going to look only for another centenarian, so that they have as many things in common as possible.

According to the story, she'll be looking at nearby old-folks homes for a mate. Too bad online dating isnt' an option for her. Even if there were centenarians who wanted to look for love online, most dating sites allow only for two-digit ages.


Superquail said...

There are a lot of problems facing the geriatric crowd when it comes to dating. I think as people of the Internet age get old, they will continue to use on-line tools in whatever they do, and perhaps the future will hold dating sites for the elderly. :)

Katie said...

I bet you're right, SQ. Although I can't imagine a 107 year-old from China using internet dating sites, I certainly can imagine 60- or 70-somethings (or maybe those even older) who've been using computers for a while now using them.