Monday, January 19, 2009

Thai Food and Cougars

In my unofficial quest to message one new person every day, I messaged a guy from the dating site who said on his profile that he's trying to find the best Thai food in the city. This being a topic I know a lot about, I wrote him to say that I'm always looking for good Thai food and asked if he'd like to join forces and look together. I also sent him the link to my Yelp list of Thai places I've reviewed.

Lo and behold, I got a response from him—he'll be Ryan on this blog. We've bandied a list of places to try back and forth, and it looks like will be going out on Saturday. I like that there's a point to the date (try to find some good Thai food) but that there's been nothing personal to our e-mails. If we hit it off, great. If we don't, at least we get to share a meal with someone new. Oh, and if we do like each other, there are at least 100 more Thai restaurants in the city…

In other news, the San Francisco Chronicle ran a story in yesterday's Living section entitled "Cougars—unyoung women on the prowl." The article describes a singles event ($10 admission fee) for women over 50 and the (primarily) younger men who wanted to date them. My parents are almost 10 years apart, but, as my mom recently put it, she'd "been around the block a few times" before she met my dad and was, at that point ready to settle down. That said, my dad is the older one, not the other way around. This is all to say that I grew up knowing that I might find someone who was perfect for me that was not exactly my age.

However, as I read this article and looked at the accompanying photos, the only thought I had was: "These women are old enough to be the mothers of these guys." I don't know about you, but this just makes me uncomfortable. I watched "You've Got Mail" yesterday—more on that soon—but the whole "Annabelle is my sister and Matt is my uncle" part is completely unnerving. I don't think I could handle knowing that a friend of mine was dating a woman old enough to be my mom.

What do you, my lovely readers, think?

Finally, for today's interesting CL ad:


Don't think too much about subject line, it performed its function.

Looking for a girl to do Things with. The usual quals … clever, passionate, sexy, slender. Extra turn-ons: nonconsumers, manageably insane, off-shore breeds.

Me - tall, fit, driven, with a taste for improbable designs and chocolate.


Superquail said...

I find it really offensive the way older women who are looking to date at all are generally portrayed as freaks. The truth is, if you are 50 years old and single, most of the men your age are going to be taken. Men are much less willing to leave committed relationships like marriages than women are (generally because men get a much better deal out of marriage than women do).

Why is it so weird that a woman would want to be with a guy who didn't have wrinkles and sagging flesh? There's hardly the same sort of indictment for men who chase after women half their age.

Katie said...

I think you make some good points and I agree with you that older men who date younger women don't get nearly as much flack; however, I don't find those relationships any more appealing than I do the cougar relationship.

I've thought about this more since I posted, and it seems to me that if two people fall genuinely in love with each other, then that's fine. If, on the other hand, one or both of a pair go into it thinking about the benefits ("I'll get health insurance from her," or "He won't be around much longer and then I'll get his money," or "It will be so much fun showing him off to all of my friends") that doesn't seem right to me.

Please note, that none of those thoughts ever seem appropriate, no matter what the age difference.