Friday, January 30, 2009

Thanks for the wonderful advice

I want to thank everyone who commented on my last post. You all provided me with lots of good advice and I think you're all spot on. Ken is severely lacking in tact, but my great desire to go to Philip Glass overrode my intuition; it took your comments to pull me back to reality. I've not heard from him for a number of days, so I think it's safe to say he's no longer interested. Frankly, I'm not either.

Here's your Craigslist silly for the day:


Is that too forward?

Maybe I should have said something like, "looking for a partner in crime," but we'll probably get arrested for being too awesome. (Is that even possible?)

I'm not trying to sell you anything (email me, email me, email me.) I'm just here to tell you that there are good, decent guys on CL and that you should give them a chance (by "them" I mean me) who are open to exploring all sorts of wonderful things (like lambada face dancing.)

Anyway, I can go on and on about what I'm all about but all I'll say is that I'm loyal, good hearted, respectful, humorous, and stable.

I'm confident that you will consider my attempt to gain your attention as commendable and what has transpired over the course of this ad will be talked about for generations to come (I'm also great at bullshitting.)

If you like funny, smart, sexy, interesting guys with a heart of gold you should contact me (I'll forward your email to someone that fits that description.)

Just kidding.


P.S. If you're still reading (hint, hint, Lanafactrix), you could totally make my day by becoming a follower of my blog. To the six of you who already have: Thanks!


Superquail said...

I need to take a moment to vent. What is it with guys who think that if they go down on a girl that the girl will/should be so incredibly grateful for the service that she will overlook all your billions of flaws and be your slavish lover forever and ever? FUCK. THAT. SHIT. Personally, I find having a guy go down on me to be one of the most disgusting things ever. I fucking hate that shit, and the worst part is that after doing this miserable thing, the guy looks at you like he expects a cookie or something.

Guys: if you want to get into a girl's pants, don't promise oral sex. Promise chocolate chip cookies - and deliver.

Lanafactrix said...

I think you're in the minority there, SQ, as far as not liking oral sex. Though I agree with you that it shouldn't be dangled as some sort of relationship brass ring--if you like going down on your partner, do so and don't act like you should get a gold medal for it.

Of course, I sincerely doubt having this guy go down on one would be enjoyable.

Lanafactrix said...

Oh, and you are officially followed now! :P

Katie said...

Merci beaucoup encore, Lanafactrix!

Superquail said...

Lanafactrix is probably right that most ladies enjoy oral sex way more than I do, but I think I am right that most guys expect to get some huge prize as a result of putting out. Any guy who puts a willingness to eat pussy in his Craig's List ad is certainly a man in this category.