Friday, January 9, 2009

For every great one, there's a crazy one

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So, as my subject line says, there's at least one good guy for every crazy guy. I hope. I mean, this is Craigslist that I'm talking about after all. Today I found the following ad and responded to it.


So another year has cycled and I would love to get out and meet someone new.

I am an interesting character with a unique view on life and living. I’m over read, over educated, and have a nerdy edge but have social skills and work in the liberal arts. I’m currently in grad school and pushing to finish this year if all goes well.

In the city meeting someone new is an interesting endeavor. I’m not shy at all but I’m not a huge drinker, don’t do drugs, and don’t tend to like large dance clubs which for some reason makes me not quite hipster enough for some. I am however not shy and tend to be able to hold a very good conversation on almost any topic.

I’m certainly not perfect, but no one is, and I hope you aren’t either. I’ve traveled all over the world and politically you could say I’m socially liberal and fiscally conservative. I would join the libertarian party if the over half of them were not crazy and organizing it was not like herding cats. I grew up in the bay area as a total nerd but somehow retained great social skills.

I would love to meet an intelligent, outgoing, outspoken, opinionated, fun, and unique woman. I love curves on a woman but I really don’t have a “type”. Someone dynamic enough to go to the symphony one night, chill at home and read the next, and then maybe go to a dive bar and chat forever the next. This of course over time should be integrated with amazing physical attraction and possibly you being pinned against a wall in passion.

As far as myself I’m 6’2’’, blond, blue eyed, slender, and in very good shape. I tend to mostly wear jeans, T-shirts, and worn boots.

So if any of this seems to interest you shoot me an email with a picture and we’ll chat some more and maybe venture out for coffee or a drink.

This guy seems great, so I hope I hear from him. Here's one I've no intention of replying to, since he is likely crazy; however, his post was so off-the-wall that I felt I should post it here:


Manly man beast warrior. I ride a horse and carry a battle axe. My manly chest hair is flaring in the wind and my manly package is bulging out of my tight loin cloth. It’s bouncing up and down as I ride my stallion up beside you and scoop you up unto my horse. I throw you over my shoulder and smack your ass. Cus that’s how I roll! Then I take my bitch back to my cave. My manly man cave dwelling and throw you down on my bear skin rug in front of the manly fire. I then proceed to give you multiple orgasms. Just by looking into your eyes!


Oh, and he included a picture of himself as well as an illustration of some sort of crazed Viking warrior.


Superquail said...

Can something be hilarious and terrifying at the same time? That last dude surely sounded both!

Katie said...

I had a feeling you'd have that response. It was definitely both of those things!

Superquail said...

Over time I have discovered that many of the things I do are not the same things that other people do, shocking as that sounds. I have a tendency (I wouldn't go so far as to call it a habit or even a hobby) to befriend certain people simply for the sake of entertainment. There are certain people I hang around just out of curiosity to see what they will do next . . .

Lanafactrix said...

I am laughing SO hard. That guy sounds awesome!

Ily said...

I actually think Manly Warrior doesn't have a bad sense of humor-- giving you multiple orgasms by looking into your eyes is pretty hilarious.
As for the other guy, +1 for the use of whirligigs. This isn't really here or there, but I have no idea what it means to be "socially liberal and fiscally conservative". I'm curious if he'll respond...

Superquail said...

Socially liberal and fiscally conservative means that he believes that gay people should be allowed to get married but that he doesn't think the government should spend money on expensive things like the military and over-seas wars.

Katie said...

SQ, that sounds about right to me.