Thursday, January 8, 2009

How about this one?

I am the aunt of a 25-6 year old nephew, mother of a 29 year old son. Both are hetro, employed and will be attending my open house on January 17. It's a very eclectic group, neighbors, relatives, friends and work folks. More folks in the 55-65 range than under 30.

I don't know you but if you are willing to take a flyer and just drop by for a party (hors d'oeuvres and wine) to me at least two eligible young men, e-mail me and I will send you and invitation.
You can bring a friend and we are in your neighborhood.

I've received two more responses to my ad since I wrote my last post, this one and one other (which was, well, lame). What do you think about this one?


Lanafactrix said...

All I have to say is: you'd end up dating the mother.

Superquail said...

Wow! That sounds . . . intriguing! I would love to go to her party just to see who this lady is. The men who can't seem to find girls on their own may or may not be interesting, but the woman certainly could be.

Katie said...

I am a bit concerned about a woman who's looking to find women for her son and nephew; however, a lot of my older female colleagues who have single sons or nephews have often mentioned wanting to set me up with them. (Fortunately for me, they have realized that I would not be compatible with the males in question.)

That said, it definitely is, as SQ said, intriguing. I mentioned it to another single female co-worker today and said, if she was interested, that she should come with me. Why not? As long as I don't have plans, what's the harm in going, right?

Superquail said...

The way I see it, this has to be one of the safest date offers you could be given. It will be hosted by an older, probably at least middle-aged, woman. It will be at her home and there will be plenty of other people there, including one person who you bring yourself.