Sunday, January 25, 2009


Last night I went on a date with Ryan. I'll write more about the date in a moment, but first I want to discuss the issue of age. Ryan's 30 and I'm 24, and that may seem like a fairly wide gap to some people. My answer to that: it's not a big gap when you're dealing in man-years. Man-years are like dog-years or cat years except where for animals a lower number of years corresponds to an older age, for men the lower the number, the lower the age. Although this has yet to be scientifically proven, I believe that to find man-years you must subtract five or six years from his biological years (BY) to determine his man-years (MY) There are always exceptions of course, but I think this formula works pretty well for the guys with whom I've gone on a date in the last year.

Ryan: BY: 30; MY: 24-25
Sandy: BY: 25; MY: 19-20
Wally: BY: 25; MY: Who knows? He was a really boring date.
Richard: BY: 30; MY: 24-25
Greg: BY: 33; MY: 27
Dan: BY: 24; MY: 22 (for the most part, though sometimes he seemed more like 19)
Carl: BY: 24; MY: 18
Eli: BY: 25; MY: 55 (big exception, I know, but it's really true)

So the date was fine, but nothing special. The whole point of the date was to try a Thai place that neither of us had been to and we did just that. We were able to keep conversation going for over an hour, so that's good, and I'd be up for trying another Thai place with him again; however, there wasn't any chemistry to speak of so if we were to go out again, it would just be as friends. As we left to go our separate ways, he said he'd call me. If he does, great. If he doesn't, whatever.

I'll leave you with this lovely ad from Craigslist:


Just spam, fake and ugly third class woman here. There is no hope of any connection here.

I was almost tempted to message him just for kicks, but this guy clearly isn't worth even that little bit of effort.


Superquail said...

Was the Thai food any good? I love Thai food. When I was in Thailand, the Thai food I had was in Chiang Mai, the second-largest city in the country that is up north in the mountains. They have the most amazing pad thai for around 25 baht a plate (there were 30 baht to the US dollar when I was there, so you can do the math).

If you are ever looking for a travel destination, let me recommend Chiang Mai. Bangkok is insane. Good Indian food, though.

Katie said...

The Thai food was good, but not great. I ordered a pumpkin curry and he got the pad see ew. It wasn't completely authentic—the broccoli in his was regular american broccoli, not Asian broccoli—but it tasted good. My only real complaint is that my pumpkin (oh, why can't they just be honest and call it kabocha squash) still had some of the hard, tough rind on it.

Should I get to Thailand (as my date did a few years ago), I'll be sure to go to Chiang Mai.