Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Evening chats

Last night I was IMed by a guy on the dating site who has looked at my profile a number of times. I might not have written back—according to the site, we're only marginally compatible, there are a lot of things about which we think differently, and I've never had any inclination to message him—except that he directly addressed something on my profile, rather than simply saying "hi" as so many do. We chatted for about half an hour about mostly non-personal things before I decided I was bored and ready to go to bed. So, to stop chatting, I typed something to the effect of "I'm a schoolteacher, so I've got to go to sleep now." He responded with "Sweet dreams."

I logged off after that, but was left a little unsettled by that last comment of his. Perhaps, to him, it means nothing more than "bye" or "good night," but to me the phrase is much more personal and intimate than that. I guess I just didn't like it that someone so unfamiliar to me was wishing me "sweet dreams." Hmm. Am I weird for feeling this way?

Today's silly (from Craigslist, as usual):


Hello to all the supermodels out there. If you are single, excellent! If you are not, well, too bad for you. Here is a tall, dark, and handsome guy available on the market. Though I must warn you, I am very picky. If you are not a tall, rich, supermodel, please close this ad now…

I sure hope this guy was joking. Supermodels on Craigslist? Yeah right.


Lanafactrix said...

Eh, sweet dreams is perhaps a little personal, but it wouldn't bother me.

Katie said...

I guess I was bothered by it more because I don't know him and, even more importantly, because I don't want him thinking that I want to chat with him again.

Superquail said...

Have you ever seen the Sex in the City episode about the modelizers? It's pretty funny.

Katie said...

Nope, never seen it, SQ. I've seen only a few bits of episodes, and that was during freshman year. (I don't think I could have made it out of an all-girls dorm without seeing at least a little.)

Superquail said...

Sex in the City is a really entertaining show, though I wouldn't recommend getting a whole season and watching it all in one night. I tried to do that and it got pretty weird.

Anyway, the episode on modelizers is about a special breed of New York male who goes after models almost exclusively. It's pretty weird.