Monday, January 5, 2009

Other sites

I'll write more about my experiences with other dating sites this month, but I'll start today with an announcement: I posted on Craigslist's personals today. Why not? There's nothing to lose. The lovely Superquail volunteered a profile for me in a comment on an earlier post and I decided to use it. Given that we've not seen each other in three years and only had snail mail and e-mail for communication, it's pretty darn accurate.

Here's what she wrote (in total Superquail style):

I'm a K-bird! I'm hard-working, responsible and really interested in world travel. I have been to Australia and I spent a lot of time taking pictures of vegetables. I find them aesthetically pleasing.

I was a stage manager at my college theater. This means I have had to put up with a lot of bullshit without losing my temper. Getting actors, directors,
costume designers, and lighting techs to all work together is nothing short of a miracle. Doing so without losing my sanity basically proves my awesomeness.

In terms of guys, I don't go for losers. I don't want a guy who thinks that farting is a sport, or who honestly believes that he is a more interesting person just because he smokes pot. As a form of rebellion its been done ad nauseam, so unless you have cancer, get a real hobby.

I even posted one of my "aesthetically pleasing" photos (the same one that's below) just for kicks.


Ily said...

That is awesome! I think everyone is going to ask Superquail to write profiles for them now...

Superquail said...

Just say the word, my friend, and I'm on it!

Lanafactrix said...

Haha, vintage SQ. And the "unless you have cancer" line cracked me up.

Superquail said...

Hey, I understand that there are medical uses for the stuff. I'm not anti-pot, I'm just anti-people-who-think-pot-makes-them-interesting-and-cool.